Scotch Doubles Rule Book

(Applies for 8, 9, & 10 Ball)

Object of the Game:
Scotch Doubles is a game played by a team of (2) players who oppose another team of (2) players in a league match. During their league match, the (2) players function as a single entity, alternating shots until a game is brought to conclusion. This league format has proven to be very popular throughout the United States and is an excellent way for members to learn team communication skills. The rules for the corresponding TAP team format will apply when playing Scotch doubles.
NOTE: In order to play in Scotch Doubles, TAP Members must be actively participating in a team format.

All new teams will begin as a new player and play a “Race to 3” match.
POOLNET will assign a handicap after the initial team stats have been entered.

Race Grids:
Teams will compete using the same Race Grid Rules for the team format they correspond with.

Player Rotation:
Player rotation must be maintained throughout each game and into the break of the next game. The non-breaking team can start each game with either player. Failure to stay in rotation is a Ball In Hand Foul.

Time Outs:
There are no Time Outs in Scotch Double. Because each team is considered (1) entity, teammates can talk to each other throughout the game as long as they stay within the (45) second Shot Clock Rule.

The rules of play for the corresponding TAP team format are to apply throughout the game.

Score keeping is identical to the score keeping in the corresponding team format.

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