League Rules and Sportsmanship Guidelines


A Message To All Members of TAP, LLC
  We at TAP, LLC, also referred to as TAP, would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new generation of league play. Our goal is to promote the sport of billiards in a forum that fosters fellowship, good sportsmanship and team spirit. Your affiliation with TAP is very important to us – important because it lets us know that you share the same love for the sport of billiards as we do. We hope that you enjoy your league play, and we are certain that you’ll witness your skills developing as you participate in the fastest growing team sport of the new millennium.
  TAP has put a great deal of effort into developing the programs offered to our members. Our research shows that there are many different ways to play pool, and rules vary from establishment to establishment throughout the world. We’ve structured our rules to be as fair as possible for all of our players, regardless of where they are competing. Please remember that there will be circumstances that arise that are not specifically covered in the rules. We ask you to use these rules as a guide, and let your common sense and sportsmanship do the rest. Also remember that there are all levels of players and teams in TAP. Some like to play for fun, and others enjoy the thrill of competition. Please remember that we all have the right to play and participate. Whatever a person’s reason for playing, respect them and encourage others to do their best.
  TAP. and its subsidiary, POOL Net, are nationally and internationally recognized league and tournament management systems. The support of our players and our products have elevated us to where we are today, and your continued support will put us in the forefront of the industry we’ve all grown to love. We hope to see all of you at one of our major events, and perhaps some-day, we’ll be handing you a check for the winner’s share. Until then, kick back and enjoy your league experiences and remember…

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